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Now offering Dryer Vent and Duct Cleaning with high-quality equipment from Rotobrush International!

Help improve your indoor air quality with a comprehensive duct cleaning. Rotobrush's patented technology uses a combination of brushes and high powered vacuum to scrub the dust and debris from the inside of the ducts and remove it from the system. 

Our Rotovision cameras allow you to see before and after video of the inside of your furnace air ducts. 

We recommend a furnace service (cleaning and inspection) at the same time as the duct cleaning is performed. There are two reasons for this:

1.  Cleaning the ducts without cleaning the furnace leaves dirty, dusty material inside the furnace that can then be blown into the nice clean ducts. 

2.  A proper duct cleaning necessitates opening the furnace and removing the fan. Having your furnace serviced at the same time saves you from paying for this time twice: once to clean the furnace and once to in clean the ductwork. 


The following videos are before and after shots of a typical local house: 40 years old, furnace 20 years old, regular service and filter changes, no prior duct cleaning. 


In this clip, the camera quickly gets turned upside down. The dull grey at the side, and later the top of the video is the accumulated dust and dirt in the bottom half of the duct. You can see spiderwebs and miscellaneous lumps and bumps. The "patchy" grey is relatively the relatively clean metal at the top of the ductwork. 



In this clip, you can see how all the fine grey particulate matter has been removed from the duct, leaving the whole thing clean and shiny.