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Shaver Comfort Solutions, Ltd. uses a time and materials billing structure. We bill our time at $85/hour for all work except appliances and duct cleaning, including travel to and from town. Mileage is charged at $0.75/km* to and from town, with no mileage charges in town. Appliance work is billed at $90/hour and duct cleaning at $70/hour. Discounts will be given for travel time and mileage if we are performing more than one job in your area. Please inquire about this when scheduling an appointment, or get together with your neighbours and make a joint booking. 


Why time and materials and not a fixed fee? 

We believe that this is the fairest pricing structure because you are only charged for work that is actually done. A fixed fee structure averages the costs of all of a particular type of work and charges everyone the same price. This means that, for example, the price you pay for service to a well-maintained furnace is the same as the price you would pay if you neglected your furnace system for years on end. In this manner, a fixed fee system overcharges those clients who regularly maintain their units to compensate for those who don't. 


But I like knowing up front how much it will cost. 

And we like to be able to tell you! We can give an estimate for most standard services. If more time is needed, we will always update you before proceeding, as soon as we believe it will be necessary.


How long does a furnace service take?

Of course it depends on whether or not your system has been regularly maintained and how thorough the prior maintenance was. However, a standard service on a well-maintained system (service annually, filters changed every three months) takes 1.5 to 2 hours, including removing and cleaning the blower motor, and approximately 1.25 hours if removing the blower is not required. 


Do you sell "retail" units or parts?

No. In order to be able to meet your needs at the lowest possible price, we have decided to be a service-oriented company only. This means that we will be happy to replace your furnace or water heater, but we can not sell the unit to you to replace on your own. This allows us to provide you with your parts, units, and appliances at prices below standard retail.